Living Material


Item # Name Description Price
1010 Mixed Protozoa Contains a variety of pond water protozoans. We will include any available genera at your request. See Price Group 2

1015 Pond water mixture Protozoans, algae, & crustacea. See Price Group 3
1020 Amoeba proteus The large commonly studied amoeba. See Price Group 1

1030 Pelomyxa carolinensis (Chaos chaos) See Price Group 3
1050 Mixed Amoebae A mixture of the above sarcodines. See Price Group 2

1060 Paramecium caudatum The large commonly studied paramecium. See Price Group 1
1100 Blepharisma A large pink ciliate. See Price Group 1

1110 Spirostomum A long slender ciliate. See Price Group 1

1120 Stentor Coeruleus is usually the species. See Price Group 1
1130 Vorticella or similar stalked ciliate. See Price Group 1

1150 Euglena A flagellate exhibiting both plant and animal characteristics. See Price Group 1
1160 Peranema Has two flagella, one of which is easily observed. See Price Group 1

1170 Volvox A large colonial flagellate. See Price Group 1
6135 Methyl Cellulose For slowing protozoa. $3.10 per 1 oz. jar


Coelenterata (Hydra and Planaria)

Item # Name Description Price

1300 Brown (Hydra) Standard hydra are field run as collected, they may be a little smaller than vigorously fed lab specimens See Price Group 6
1310   Hydra for feeding demonstrations, selected per order, sold in classes of 25 only. $15 each

1340 Small (Planaria) Average length is about 1/4 inch. Brown species are usually supplied as available. $12.50 class of 25
1350 Large (Planaria) Average length is 1/2 inch or larger when extended. black and brown species are supplied as available. $15.50 class of 25
1355 Extra Large (Planaria) Average length is 3/4 inch or larger when extended. black and brown species are supplied as available. $21.00 class of 25


Item # Name Description Price
1360 Vinegar Eels Turbatrix aceti. See Price Group 1


Item # Name Description Price
1370 Earthworms Lumbricus terrestris. Large mature specimens with clitellum. $6.00 per dozen
1375 Red Worms Small earthworm for fish food or composting.  $6.00 per 30 $12.00 per 100
1377 Black Worms Lumbriculus variegatus, Small aquatic worms.  $5.00 per 30 $15.00 per 100
2584 Worm Bedding A large bag of premade bedding to use in worm habitats $5.00


Item # Name Description Price
1380 Rotifers Usually a mixture of several species. See Price Group 1

Mollusca (Snails)


Item # Name Description Price
1390 Pond Snails Sizes as collected. We will send large or small sizes if requested. See Price Group 5



Item # Name Description Price
1420 Ostracods A small "clam-like" crustacean. See Price Group 2

9993 Millipede Large Brown Millipede $4.25 each
2583 Millipede bedding matrix Bedding and food matrix for millipedes $7.00

Amphipods (gammarus), pillbugs and sowbugs

1430 Amphipods Gammarus is usually supplied. See Price Group 5
1445 Terrestrial Isopods Sow bugs. $19.0 per 25
1466   Pill bugs. $16.50 per 25
2585 Bug Bedding A large bag of premade bedding, compost and moss for use in bug habitats $7.00
2420 Bug Set Set of 50 Isopods and 50 beetles.  $53.00

1400 Daphnia magna & pulex Our cultures contain various sizes with ample amounts of large specimens. For feeding Hydra request smaller sizes. See Price Group 2
1410 Cyclops Copepods. See Price Group 2
1460 Mixed Crustacea Includes Daphnia, cylcops, Ostracods or Amphipods. See Price Group 3

1450 Crayfish Sizes as collected, usually 2-4". $3.25 each; $36.00 per dozen
2410 Structures crayfish set Set of 12 each crayfish and anacharis elodea.
2580 Bess beetles Large black beetle for structures set. $48.00 per Dozen; $4.75 each
2582 Bess beetle matrix Bedding and food matrix for bess beetle $7.00
1470 Brine Shrimp Eggs   $8.00 per six dram vial
1486 Wax Worms Study life cycle, fish, amphibian, reptile food. See Price Group 2
1489 Crickets Behavioral & life cycle studies or amphibian food. $3.05 per dozen; $17.85 per 100
1487 Dermestid Beetles For skeletal preparations. $20.00 per culture


Mealworms and tenebrio beetles

1480 Mealworms Tenebrio larvae. See Price Group 4
1479 Tenebrio Beetles Darkling beetles. $6.00 per dozen; $45.00 class of 100
2430 Tenebrio life cycle Set of adults, pupae and mealworms. Contains 100 mixed insect stages $17.50
1485 Bran For growing Tenebrio. $1.50 per pound




Item # Name Description Price


2585 Madagascar Hissing Cockroach The large cockroach. Very easy to culture in the classroom. Various sizes available. $9.00 each; $75.00 dozen



Item # Name Description Price

1490 Guppies Mixed Sexes. Not available during winter. $10.25 per dozen,
$8.00 10 doz or more
1495 Goldfish The common comet goldfish. $13.50 per dozen,
$10.25 10 doz or more


Rana Pipiens Northern grassfrogs. Supplies are often limited, especially in late winter and early spring. Please order well in advance.

Item# Size Price
1500 2-2.25" $5.00 each; 55.00 dozen
1505 2.5-3" $6.00 each; $68.00 dozen
1510 3-3.5" $7.00 each; $80.00 dozen



Item # Name Description Price
1525 Tadpoles Check availability early April. $12.00 per dozen


Fruit Flies

We start your Drosophila cultures with adults from our stocks. New cultures can be shipped when larvae appear, usually about 7 days. New adults begin emerging in 10-14 days. ORDER WELL IN ADVANCE to allow for this. Adult flies sometimes do not survive shipment, but eggs and larvae travel well.

Drosophila melanogaster:

Item # Description Price
1550 Wild (red eye)

$8.75 per culture; $8.00 for 4 or more cultures

  Chromosome I mutants (sex-linked):
1551 Bar eye
1552 miniature wing
1553 white eye
1554 yellow body
1555 yellow body, white eye, miniature wing
  Chromosome II mutants:
1559 black body
1560 Apterous - wingless
1562 dumpy wing
1563 vestigial wing
1564 brown eye
  Chromosome III mutants:
1569 ebony body
1570 sepia
  Chromosome IV mutants:
1575 eyeless
  Multichromosomal mutants:

$10.00 Each

1581 White:Vestigial
1582 White:Ebony


Item # Name Description Price
1585 Drosophila virilis Virilis is larger than melanogaster. It is excellent for pet food and for chromosome studies. (can be assorted with melanogaster) $8.50 per culture; $7.75 each for 4 or more cultures
1588 F1 Crosses Specify any of the above melanogaster parents. We will cross and ship when larvae appear.
$26.00 per culture



Item # Name Description Price
1600 Mixed Algae A mixture of more than six common pond water algae. We will include any available genera at your request. See Price Group 2
1605 Green Algae A planktonic mixture. $8.50 per pint
1610 Anabaena A filamentous blue-green. See Price Group 1
1620 Chlamydomonas A common unicellular, motile, green alga. See Price Group 1
1630 Chlorella A unicellular, nonmotile, planktonic green alga. See Price Group 1

1640 Closterium A large desmid with gypsum granules that exhibit brownian movement. See Price Group 1
1635 Cosmarium A common desmid. See Price Group 1
1650 Diatoms A mixture of several genera. See Price Group 1
1660 Eudorina A spherical colony with round or oval evenly spaced cells. See Price Group 1
1665 Gloeocapsa A blue-green whose cells are enclosed in a gelatinous sheath. See Price Group 1
1670 Gonium Cells form square plates. See Price Group 1

1680 Hydrodictyon The familiar water net. See Price Group 1
1690 Nostoc Trichomes are numerous and twisted within a gelatinous enelope of ball. See Price Group 1
1700 Oedogonium Oospores usually present. See Price Group 1

1710 Oscillatoria The common filamentous blue-green. See Price Group 1
1720 Pandorina A spherical colony with compact pear shaped cells. See Price Group 1

1730 Pediastrum Cells form circular plates See Price Group 1
1740 Scenedesmus Our species has two to four cells arranged in a single row with spines on the terminal cells. See Price Group 1

1750 Spirogyra A common filamentous green with spiral shaped chloroplasts. See Price Group 1
1760 Ulothrix Exhibits a single collar shaped chloroplast. See Price Group 1
1770 Volvox Large spherical colonies with biflagellate cells. Daughter colonies present. See Price Group 1
1780 Zygnema A filamentous green with star shaped chloroplasts. See Price Group 1
1150 Euglena Listed here as well as with protozoa. See Price Group 1



Item # Name Description Price
1800 Aerobacter aerogenes A gram- rod. $10.25 per culture; $9.50 each for 4 or more
1805 Agrobacterium tumefaciens B-6, Causes crown gall in plants.
1810 Alcaligenes faecalis A gram- rod.
1815 Azotobacter chroococcum  
1820 Bacillus cereus A spore forming rod.
1825 Bacillus megaterium A spore forming rod.
1830 Bacillus subtilis A spore forming rod.
1835 Bacilis mycoides A spore forming rod.
1840 Corynebacterium xerose A gram+ rod.
1845 Escherichia coli The common colon bacillus.
1850 Micrococcus luteus A gram+ coccus.
1855 Micrococcus roseus Red pigment.
1865 Proteus vulgaris A gram- rod with flagells.
1870 Pseudomonas fluorescens A gram- rod.
1880 Sarcina lutea A yellow gram+ coccus.
1885 Serratia marcescens A red gram- rod.
1890 Staphylococcus epidermidis A gram+ coccus.
1895 Streptococcus lactis A gram+ coccus.



Item # Name Description Price
1900 Aspergillus niger A common aspergillus. $10.25 per culture; $9.50 each for 4 or more; (can be assorted with bacteria)
1905 Penicillium notatum Source of penicillin.
1910 Rhizopus stolonifer The common bread mold.
1915 Saccharomyces cereviseae Bread yeast.


Slime Mold

1930 Physarum polycephalum The yellow slime mold. Sclerotial stage. A vial contains several pieces of dried sclerotium. Instructions included. $11.00 per vial; $10.50 each for 4 or more vials
1931 Physarum polycephalum Actively growing plasmodium on an agar plate. $11.00 each; $10.50 each for 4 or more.
1932 Slime mold set Includes sclerotia, oatmeal for feeding and 5 plain agar plates. $20.00 each.


Other Living Plant Material

Item # Name Description Price
1950 Lichens A set contains representative samples of the three forms (crustose, foliose, and fruticose). $8.00 per set
1960 Liverworts Conocephalum is usually supplied. Marchantia is somethimes available. Selection and quality are best in the fall. $10.00 per 4" clump
1970 Mosses Polytrichum or other woodland moss. Selection and quality are best in the fall. $5.25 per 4" clump
  Fruiting Mosses $7.00 each
  Fruiting Polytrichium Polytrichium (Coon tail moss) $10.00 each
1980 Ferns Small fern plants suitable for the terrarium. $6.00 each
  Sporing Ferns Limited availability. $10.00 each
1990 Duckweed Lemna minor. the small floating monocot. $3.50 per 1 oz. jar
1998 Hornwort A bushy, rooted or floating, aquitic plant. $3.50 per bunch
1999 Dwarf Sagittaria A grass-like, rooted, aquatic plant. $2.50 per plant



2000 Elodea tips 2-5 inches long. Use for cellular study and oxygenation. Available only in early fall. See Price Group 7
2010 Anacharis This is the large southern Elodea which is suitable for planting in the aquarium. An excellent oxygenator. See Price Group 7


Milkweed Bugs


Item # Name Description Price


2528 Milkweed bugs Usually adults are sent as available. When they are not available large juveniles are sent.
3 WEEKS NOTICE PLEASE. Weather conditions apply
$20.00 dozen
  Milkweed bugs Male/Female sets 1 MONTH NOTICE IS REQUIRED for healthy viable bugs. We will ship them when they have emerged & as close as possible to your desired use date. Weather conditions apply $30.00 dozen
2527 Milkweed bug cultures A mixture of adults; juveniles and eggs for starting a new culture. $24.00 per set
2525 Milkweed bug eggs A set of 30 or more eggs. $13.00 per set of 25


Painted Lady Butterflies

Item #NameDescription Price
2530Painted lady butterfly set of 6$24.00 each; $22.50 for 4 or more sets



Item # Name Each Dozen 100
5420 USP plain agar $1.55 $15.15 $102.75
5440 Nutrient $1.85 $17.75 $145.00
5450 Potato Dextrose $1.85 $17.75 $145.75


Insect and plant collecting supplies

Item # Name Each
  Black steel pins 100 per pack: #1 and #3: $6.00
  Black steel pins with nylon heads 100 per pack: #00 and #0: $6.70
  Miscellaneous sizes: minuten (limited quantities) and #6 pins: $6.00
  Pinning blocks with three pinning depths of 6mm, 12mm and 24mm depths $3.00


pH and litmus paper

Item # Name Each
  Economy grade 0-14 range 100 strip vial $3.00
  Economy grade litmus paper red or blue 100 strip vial $2.50
  High grade multizone pH strips 100 per package
4-7 range, 5-10 range, 6.5-10 range, 7.5-14 range and 0-14 range
$21.10 (limited quantities)


Field Biology

Item # Name Each
7370 "Field List of Minnesota Birds". A check list of 304 bird species found in Minnesota and surrounding states. $2.00 Dozen


Other Supplies

Item # Name Each
  Plant Presses, Quality hand made with 2 straps, 12 ventilators and 12 driers 12" x 18" $39.00
  Fumigant boxes Call
  Spreading boards, adjustable and non adjustable Call
  Riker mounts in various sizes Call
  Insect boxes Call
  Exhibit cases in various sizes Call
  Quality hand made insect nets that will take lots of abuse and last for years. 12 inch and 15 inch hoops Call